Dress for cool

No, It’s Not Too Cold For Shorts!

Polar Shorts are warm shorts for cool spring and fall temperatures. They are made of thick, high-performance microfleece, and are designed for active outdoor use. Polar Shorts are best for 40-70F.

Made in USA. High quality construction. Premium quality fleece. Big pockets.

Wear shorts when you want to!

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FLEECE: Thick, high quality microfleece. Fleece is 3/8in or 9mm thick. Resists pilling. Fleece is stretchy in one direction.

WIND: Front and rear pockets block wind. This keeps your thighs and butt warm. Fleece is highly breathable, so your crotch gets a slight breeze. Result is perfect comfort and warmth over a wide temperature range. Don’t worry about an overheating crotch.

BELT: Adjustable belt included. Belt has nylon band and detachable clip. Belt is removable (not sewn-in).

FRONT POCKETS: Large front pockets measure about 7 x 9 inches (width x depth), on the inside (for size 36). Will be slightly smaller for smaller sizes, and slightly larger for larger sizes. Pocket interior has fleece on one side.

REAR POCKETS: Rear pockets are 6 x 7 (width x depth), on the inside (for size 36).

All pockets are durable, abrasion-resistant, and wind-blocking.

ZIPPER: Heavy duty #5 YKK nylon coil zipper fly. No wimpy zippers here!

CROTCH: Crotch has stretchy gusset for huge range of movement.

DRYING: All fabrics are fast-drying polyester (fleece + pockets) or nylon (waistband). No cotton.

NO WEIRD STUFF: No waterproof, flame-retardant, or nanoparticulate (i.e. toxic) fabric coatings or chemical treatments.

100% polyester, except waistband (nylon). Made in USA.