Dress for cool


"If you’re anything like I was, you probably still don’t “get it,” and neither did I, or my teenage son for that matter. But we gave them a chance. We spent the past two months putting them through the ringer – mountain biking, wood splitting, office work, post-soccer chillaxin, pub rides, and even a spill in the river. Polar Shorts are now our go-to shorts."
-Pete Eshelman of Roanoke Outside

"The fleece is comfortable AF. I think I like the comfort more than I like the warmth. But they aren't TOO warm. I have worn them on a warm day and on a very cold day. If you are a day laborer who lives in Nicaragua, these will be too warm. Otherwise, they're good."
-Kevin from Amazon

"They were a birthday gift for my grandson. He Loves them!! He told me,"they are Awesome"!!! I'm wearing them (in March-in New England)!!!"
-Mary from Amazon

"I hate wearing pants and sometimes have to submit to them during the colder months. Not anymore! F you pants and F you winter. Thank you Polar Shorts!"

Horsin' around

Polar Shorts Keep Hollywood Warm