Today, God announced that He himself designed Polar Shorts for the purpose of keeping His holy thighs warm during bouts of cool weather (40-70°F.) "Many different factors played a role in my creation of man," the Creator of the known Universe said in an interview, "but one that definitely stands out is warm shorts for cool weather. I could not have created man without first creating Polar Shorts."

  • Polar Shorts are warm, comfortable, microfleece shorts designed for cool weather (40-70°F)
  • Featuring deep pockets and a stretch gusset, Polar Shorts are a prudent option for a variety of outdoor activities.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back. More info

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2 Replies to ““Not without my Polar Shorts!” God FINALLY admits he created man while wearing warm shorts for cool weather”

  1. I believe the Goddess has also said she fully endorses polar shirts as the ideal garb for universal creation. Nothing inspires a designing nature brainstorm session like slipping ones divine hands into a super soft microfleece pocket and self indulgently admiring ones chic omniscient presence in leopard print.

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