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Polar Shorts are warm fleece shorts for spring and fall. When it’s 55 degrees outside, Polar Shorts provide the freedom and comfort of shorts with the warmth you need. Best for temperatures 40-70F.

But some people wear Polar Shorts even when it’s freezing outside. We think this is a great idea.

The khaki color is running slightly smaller (about 1/2 size) in the hip area. The waistbands are exactly the same in Leopard and Khaki, but the khaki fabric is cut slightly narrower. So if you are between sizes and interested in Khaki, its important to get the larger size.

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FLEECE: Thick, high quality microfleece. Fleece is 3/8in or 9mm thick. Resists pilling. Fleece is stretchy in one direction.

WIND: Front and rear pockets block wind. This keeps your thighs and butt warm. Fleece is highly breathable, so your crotch gets a slight breeze. Result is perfect comfort and warmth over a wide temperature range. Don’t worry about an overheating crotch.

BELT: Adjustable belt included. Belt has nylon band and detachable clip. Belt is removable (not sewn-in).

FRONT POCKETS: Large front pockets measure about 7 x 9 inches (width x depth), on the inside (for size 36). Will be slightly smaller for smaller sizes, and slightly larger for larger sizes. Pocket interior has fleece on one side.

REAR POCKETS: Rear pockets are 6 x 7 (width x depth), on the inside (for size 36).

All pockets are durable, abrasion-resistant, and wind-blocking.

ZIPPER: Heavy duty #5 YKK nylon coil zipper fly. No wimpy zippers here!

CROTCH: Crotch has stretchy gusset for huge range of movement.

DRYING: All fabrics are fast-drying polyester (fleece + pockets) or nylon (waistband). No cotton.

NO WEIRD STUFF: No waterproof, flame-retardant, or nanoparticulate (i.e. toxic) fabric coatings or chemical treatments.

100% polyester, except waistband (nylon). Made in USA.


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Khaki, Leopard


30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42


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